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30. April 2017

Section for talks

I now have a dedicated section for Talks at the top of the navigation. That has been updated to include my talks on ASP.NET Core this year. It also includes my talks from 2016, including Javascript Async Patterns, Behind the Scenes of A Modern Web App and Converting a Web App to ASP.NET Core.

Check out the slides and associated code, lots of good stuff there.

29. April 2017

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017

I presented at Raleigh-Durham Global Azure Bootcamp last weekend, April 22nd, 2017. I had a blast and the other presentations were great.

My talk was on Azure Container Service. Azure Container Service can be broken down into three things:

  • Containers: packaged version of an application with all dependencies, commonly a Docker container.
  • Container Service: otherwise known as a container orchestrator. This is software that manages a cluster of machines and can spin up running instances of software from a container image. You get features like auto-scaling, self-healing, versioned deployments, rolling deployments. These features work for any software that can be packaged into a container.
  • Azure: normally getting started using an container orchestrator can be a bit painful since you have to have the cluster of machines, you have to install the software and configure the cluster. This is where Azure Container Service comes in, you can run a single command using the Azure CLI 2.0 and create a cluster using one of three container orchestrators.

My presentation includes a sample ASP.NET Core application I wrote and packaged into a container on Docker Hub. Follow the presentation and create your own cluster and try out rolling deployments, self-healing, replication in your own Azure account or create a free trial Azure account.

Have fun learning!

16. October 2015

Learn C# 6 - By Example

I’m presenting at Code Camp 2015. Pretty excited, it’s my second year presenting. I’ll be talking about the new C# features, along with some demos.

You can find my slides and demo code on-line:

Feel free to use these presentations and code to get your team at work up to speed on C# 6.